Red silk 1885
This is a recreation of a gown worn by Michelle Pfieffer in The Age Of Innocence. Hand dyed silk jacquard skirt with ruching and pleats, with red silk taffeta bodice and bustle, ruched detailing on the bodice with garnet bead fringe. Spectacular! Size 10



St. Louis Rose
Circa 1904, this enchanting award-winning ensemble can be worn as a day set WITH lacy blouse and hat — or WITHOUT the blouse and hat — it becomes suitable for an evening event. Rose silk chiffon and china silk, with beaded lace on the skirt. The laces used are all antique and artfully combined to make a stunning piece. Made with great attention to historical methods, inside and out.

Size 8-10



Not to forget the gentlemen — we have a wide selection of men’s reproduction pieces as well as modern pieces with a vintage look. This grey men’s set is the latter, size 44 ~~ The ladies gown is black faille skirt with black lace bodice and silk organdy sleeves. Antique jet and trims were used to give it an authentic look. Size 8-10




Blue/Gold 1886
Circa 1886, this dinner gown is an elegant piece that can be readily be adapted into a ballgown. The skirt is a blue/gold brocade with gold silk shirred front and hand-dyed fringe with colored chenille balled trim. The Blue silk velveteen trained bustle is removable for a more danceable gown. The bodice is also blue silk velvet, with a brocade vest front and trimmed with ruched ribbon and antique lace. 

Size 10-12



1899 Couple
The man is wearing a reproduction Victorian Frock coat, made from black wool with a black velvet upper collar, and he sports a gold and black brocade fancy vest. Size Large. The Ladies gown is an iridescent purple/black taffeta skirt with front inset of black lace, the bodice has more black lace and taffeta, and the bolero jacket with its saucy upright collar and black lace insets complete the look of this flirtatious ensemble. Flying monkey not included.

Photo by Doug Herring. Size 8-10.