Black Elk Speaks
Pierce College, Winter 2004. Native Americans from Columbus’s days to late 1900’s, their story told. Drama.



Darker Face of the Earth
Pierce College, Winter 2006. Corsets and cotton and hoop skirts, oh my! The Old South in conflict. Drama.

School for Scandal




School for Scandal
Men in Wigs and Ladies in corsets and skirts — comedy and classic tale of questionable motives all around! Green River Community College, Spring 2006


 Journey Quest


Video and Film
for Video and Film, Costume and Wardrobe services ***** ****Most recently — JourneyQuest — Webseries, Dead Gentleman Productions ***** Seattle Gold Rush Days — Documentary, Aperture Films ***** Monster Match — Microsoft, Oct 2010 ***** Votes For Women — Documentary/Photo series, Port of Seattle